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South Carolina the Bulwark

Putting South Carolina’s primary right before Super Tuesday is a stroke of genius. There is not a better state to serve as a bulwark for any left candidate who manages to do well in the first three states.

South Carolina is probably the most conservative state in the country. This, of course, means that its Democratic Party is also conservative, at least relative to more liberal states. South Carolina also has a significant African American population. To the punditry, this is an early test of the “black vote.” (Despite their purported wokeness, media types love to treat African Americans as though they are a monolithic voting bloc separated from the larger culture of their communities.) There are black conservatives. Both relative to other Democrats in the Democratic Party and also relative to the universally recognized ideological spectrum. (Indeed, Tim Scott is from South Carolina.) This context is overwhelmingly ignored by the media.

So instead of talking about a socialist Jew from the Northeast getting 20 percent of the vote in the Deep South, we’re talking about Biden, who is as close to a Dixiecrat as the Dems still have, mildly over-performing at the expense of a couple other conservative Dems in an ultra conservative state that will never vote Democratic. It’s really clever.


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