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 I voted for Joe Biden and hope he wins. I’m also alarmed at the increasingly transparent alliance between the Democratic Party and influential sectors of corporate America, namely media conglomerates and the technology industry. (Their relationship reminds me of the Republican Party and the energy industry.)

It’s true there are conservative media outlets that are not friendly to Democrats, but it’s far less certain how objective the “paper of record” and other “serious” media would be to a post-Trump and post-COVID Biden administration that is politically and ascetically their peer. (I would say we are at a point of competing Pravdas, but that would be a slander against the Soviet newspaper’s pre-Stalinist period when it was a battleground of ideas.)

Perhaps even more damning is the Democratic Party’s relationship to the technology industry, particularly when companies like Twitter and Facebook have shown they are prepared to unilaterally decide what’s true and what’s false. Not many are talking about it, but how vigorously would a Biden Administration pursue the current antitrust case against Google- one of Biden’s main campaign contributors? Google is already claiming the case is political, setting the stage for a slap on the wrist settlement from a new and friendlier justice department. 

This all might seem insignificant in comparison to a uniquely corrupt and repulsive Trump administration, but having this sort of relationship in place when a President Biden (or Harris) has a “Gulf of Tonkin” type incident (probably around the Gulf of Tonkin actually) strikes me as incredibly dangerous to the entire world. (It’s not hard to imagine antiwar voices being banned on social media as conspiracy theorists while an uncritical media does its part to wag the dog.)

Considering how things are going it would be totally on brand to have the replacement to the wild and crazy Donald Trump start WWIII. 


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