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We could do this too

People left of center see Trump as someone doing something illegal, or even plotting a coup, primarily because we haven't really seen political power work for us. We haven't seen someone get elected and actually do what the base wants. Compare right now to 2008. Dems had congress and the white house. People were ready for change. We could have pushed through a national healthcare system, Medicare for all for, something that would have changed the entire political landscape for generations. Instead a compromise was proposed, right from the beginning. We got "RomneyCare" nation wide. The republicans held fast. Not only did they offer zero support for the ACA, they nominated Romney and he ran against his own program! Now that's discipline. He, of course, lost. But the lesson learned was that he was too moderate. And that was right. This idea that we shouldn't normalize Trump, that he is extraordinary, means he is a politician who actually does what he says to

A meeting of the minds

As the station chief readied the parrilla for the next prisoner, he noticed a distant but approving stare from Donald.  "We got off to a rocky start," he said, summoning the courage to address Donald directly.  "We did." Donald approached him and grabbed the chief's shoulders in a familiar hierarchical way.  "I had a feeling we'd become fast friends," Donald said with a chuckle as they both moved toward the exit.  The piercing screams began but were soon muffled by the door closing behind them.