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The DNC changed its debate requirements so Bloomberg, who’s not even a Democrat, could participate. They’re in an open panic at this point. Klobuchar didn’t stick, she’s got a problematic past (and no one has even looked into her foreign policy yet, particularly that NYE trip to Ukraine where she was palling around with a Poroshenko government full of open neo-nazis along with her bffs McCain and Graham). They warmed up to Warren after she went dirty against Sanders but she took a nose dive as Warren vs Sanders turned into CNN vs Sanders. Mayor Pete’s campaign is always on the verge of imploding, good riddance when it finally does. Biden, who no one really actually likes, should be running away with this thing but is just sticking around. His gaffs aren’t endearing but senior moments, some of which seem purposely creepy. To top it all off, politico is reporting some DNC executive committee members want to give superdelegates a first ballot vote at the nomination convention in order to
Ilhan Omar could have had a job for life in Congress, no questions asked, if she would have just kept her head down and played the part. The Minneapolis elite primarily wanted her to represent their supposed enlightened wokeness. They had/have no desire for her politics that go far beyond their squishy (mainly cultural) liberalism. In a surprise twist of history, she is more Farmer Labor than Democrat, a throwback politician who understands what it takes to significantly change society and isn’t beholden to the rad lib politics that permeate the liberal left. I don’t live in her district, but am donating to her reelection campaign. 
People before Trump’s Presidency: He’s going to be a dictator! The country may never recover! We must resist! This is the most important election in history!!! If you don’t vote for Clinton you support Trump!!! Same people when Sanders emerges as the clear frontrunner for the Dem nomination: The presidency actually isn’t that important. (You know we have a system of checks and balances.) It doesn’t really matter who’s elected. Congress is what’s really important.
It’s fashionable for the media, political and cultural elite to define social pathologies in such a post-modern way that activist influencers can build cultural capital off of definition creep. At the same time our elite is still as xenophobic as ever, projecting this historic European anxiety regarding Asian development that goes back to the Mongol Empire. While you can build a brand showcasing your awareness of personal guilt regarding day to day interactions (within a system, always have to add that part or else you’re just a dick), it’s much less lucrative to situate your biases within a grand historical context. A fear of the Russians, Chinese, and apparently even the Iranians, is punching up for this crowd. Air strike assassinations get met with “no angel” tropes and above the fray “this is a bad strategy” cop-outs. These guys don’t like our half-wit president’s bluster. But you can’t build much of an anti-war movement on questioning the empire’s aesthetics. I don’t trust them.